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Sometimes you win

It seems like everyone on my Facebook is exclaiming how their 2014 is ending on a high note, they would like to thank you and him and her and whomever… and oh yes, not forgetting the Man upstairs, and how they are darned sure 2015 will be uber-awesome.

Well, good for you. I wonder what about the rest of us who are awfully silent? Hence, my proclamation shall be on WordPress. Probably no one will read it anyway. No one reads anything anymore these days. And if I should fall asleep in utter exhaustion before I post this, then oh, so be it; another one for the folder of DRAFTS THAT NEVER GET PUBLISHED.

Here’s how I spent the last day of 2014.

8.35 a.m.
So I might have started the day taking stock of my year, but rather than counting my blessings, I remembered (and regretted) all the bad judgment calls I’d made this year, all the people I’d let down, all the should-haves, could-haves, would-haves. I whinged to my sweet elderly neighbour while passing her home and she told me she prays to Allah that my business would go smoothly. That offered a tiny bit of comfort.

12.30 p.m.
After a frentic morning, I took a few hours off work to see the dolphins (yikes, I know, in captivity) with my little monsters today. The sister mentioned how wonderful it must be that I’ve realised my dream. I looked at her and her three beautiful little monsters and scratched my head a bit.

2.00 p.m.
Andrew cried because he was too afraid to touch the starfish but by the time he’d decided to take the plunge, the queue had moved on. Little guy cried his heart out. Well, time and tide awaits no man.

5.30 p.m.
Back to the shop, I scrambled the creme anglaise because two little monsters tried to sneak me a letter through the kitchen door. Oh well, the kids had a good time and learnt much about washing dishes and serving pretend cheese. There are more important things in life than always getting it perfect.

6.30 p.m.
Confided in my cake giant that my day had been full of worries. Perhaps I was too far gone in all the mistakes I’d made. He reminded me to count my blessings after I’d finished counting my mistakes.

7.30 p.m.
I’m finally alone in the kitchen making cheesecake bases for tomorrow. Embarrassed to admit I cried big, heaving, crazy-emo tears as I finally remembered to count my blessings, with so little time left to the new year. The year, summed up in a single word, was plucky. I was so damn lucky to be alive (a couple of my peers were not so lucky and had gone to where heroes go and wait for the rest of us) and healthy. I was undeserving of all the kindness in my life, yet for every single scrape I got into, somebody was there to lend a hand and lift me out. I had a crazy dream, but the universe showed me it wasn’t too crazy. Gobsmacked.

7.55 p.m.
Once I’d collected myself and wiped my face dry with my apron, it’s back to the cheesecakes. The avocado cheesecake batter – almost ready for the tins. Something seemed off. Drats. Forgot the Gula Melaka. Luckily, I was able to fold in the syrup without much fuss. The cakes seemed normal, hope I haven’t deflated the batter too much. There’s an football saying, ‘you make your own luck’.

8.55 p.m.
The kitchen smells amazing. I hummed Amazing Grace while mopping the floors. I took that last cheesecake out of the oven, right about the same time the rest of the world started their countdown to the new year. Beautifully smooth tops, dark brown crust and evenly risen all around. There was a wee crack on one, but that’s alright.

Sometimes you win.

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