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That Quiet Place

Each time I feel overwhelmed, I retreat to this quiet place in my mind where I can almost always change the way I view pain. This week, it seemed my quiet place was losing its magic. Or the pain was simply too great, both physically and metaphorically. In short, it got a bit too dark and murky to tread surely, and the tiniest doubt started to creep into my mind. For the first time since we started this crazy ride, I weren’t sure if we were going to reach the finish line in one piece.

Terrible, terrible. Try as I might, I could not banish this thought from my head. After all, I am but human, did you really think I was a fairy? If I were one, my magic probably only works with all things cake. This fairy bleeds, sweats, cries, aches, gets irritated, feels alienated. Just like you would.

The spirit has a remarkable way of working. Once I focused on the things that released the pain, it wasn’t all that bad this week. Beautiful, beautiful things started to happen. A text from a friend who’s undergoing a terrible trial of her own and still offers her prayers for me. Nightly suppers delivered to the kitchen by my beautiful hunk of a husband, hugs included. An appreciative comment from a customer on her wedding cake. Texts from lovely pals to remember to eat my meals, rest enough, let my hair down. The thrill of dreaming up a new recipe and just knowing it’s going be something quite special. A lovely dinner with family, at the end of which there was increased fondness all around.

See, it wasn’t all that bad. Life is good. I’m still all wondrous kinds of greatness. Take your stupid pain and shove it up your @#$%!

Wait a minute, did I just shout out loud in my quiet place?



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