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That Crazy Dreamer

Change is good, mostly. Which is why I’ve changed the title of this blog. Recently, I decided to take a quantum leap into the unknown. I took what was originally my little home business and embarked on a bakery cafe venture with a business partner, who is recording our arduous-but-oh-so-fun cafe-building shenanigans in a detailed blog here. The name of our cafe my bakery? Out Of The Cake Box. I figured it was now or never. If I had waited, I might have totally lost my nerve. If I had waited, like some of those near and dear advised, with every good intention, “wait till you’re more established/experienced/worked longer/saved more/this crazy dreamer phase is over”, I would never have started. Oh well, guess I will always be that crazy dreamer. This is also why I’ve not posted anything in weeks. So. So. Busy. Why Cake Fairy Tales? That’s a story for another post. In the meantime, here’s a backlog of cakes from way back when. wpid-cymera_20140412_000453.jpg Love this quirky wedding cake for the cast and crew of a musical put up by a group of Lasalle graduands. wpid-cam01437.jpg wpid-cymera_20140514_131053.jpgDSC_3465 Then I tried my hand at hand-formed frangipani flowers on a blue ombre buttercream cake for a Hawaiian beach theme 21st birthday. The “sand” is crushed digestives. The birthday girl loved her cake. wpid-cam01454.jpg Frozen is still super popular. I’m seeing Frozen cakes everywhere. This airbrushed Frozen cake was for a friend’s little girl who turned 6. wpid-CAM01392.jpg Then there’s Ironman. The eyes are actual mini LED torchlights covered with edible “lenses” made from tinted gelatin. I used a ton of edible gold paint and airbrushed black colour on red fondant to get that burnished metal Ironman look. Oh. So. Much. Fun. wpid-CYMERA_20140504_012642.jpg My first gramophone cake! It’s obvious the fun with my airbrush and edible gold paint ensues.  The airbrush is a really nifty little tool for colouring wood-grain fondant and saves a ton of food colour when deep shades are required. This cake was for the gala night of Little Voice by Pangdemonium. It was fun to see guests whip out their phones to take pictures of this cake. You know, that oh-you-mean-it’s-cake moment? This was also one of my first attempts at gravity-defying cakes and such a gratifying challenge. More of those in the pipeline. That night I went home and dreamt about upside-down hanging cakes. 10354157_445877918882621_676630764639588161_n Then Mother’s Day came around and the airbrush continued to make an appearance in this wooden pot of orchids cake. The orchids are real, but wrapped and inserted into the cake using cake spikes or boba straws to prevent contact with the cake. wpid-IMG-20140507-WA0029.jpgwpid-IMG-20140507-WA0030.jpg Then, the beautiful folks at Esplanade had Out Of The Cake Box over for 4 lovely sessions of cookie-decorating workshops during the Flipside Festival. It was cool to see the participants try their hand at airbrushing, painting and piping on cookies for the first time. 10343516_446000372203709_7631155568012126283_n10406938_450385911765155_7497587143938515847_n I had the pleasure of sharing the love of cookie art with some of the little ones in our community at a holiday camp. Expected chaos with such a big group but the 48 little troopers, aged 7-8, really knocked my socks off with their terrific attitudes, attentiveness, super-efficiency and creativity. The 90-minute long workshop ran like a well-oiled engine, to my sweet satisfaction. 10430382_448329721970774_7764160360870628438_n Must have baked and iced about 400 sugar cookies that week. After the weekend, I told my husband to take all the extra cookies to work as I didn’t want to see another cookie for a very long time. 10376281_450386358431777_7441148013489584956_n April brought its fair share of setbacks and disappointments. May was a period of uncertainty. It’s June and if this month is anything to go by, the rest of 2014 is going to one helluva adventure. Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.  –  John 16:24 Dear God, I’m adding some more really ludicrous items to the LIST now ok? Remember the LIST? My dumb little list from eons ago? The one I take out from time to time to read when I’m on my own? Of course you remember, what am I saying…  But you know I’m just a crazy dreamer right?

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