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April Showers Bring May Blooms

Though April showers may come your way

They bring the flowers that bloom in May


It seemed the NE monsoon was a tad late in reaching our sunny shores this year. After a very hot, dry spell (yay for the cake decorator) all the way till March, the skies are finally opening up (nay) this month. Very wet weather always makes me want to hang up all my fondant tools and go back to good ol’-fashioned naked bakes.

My wish was not granted, as April also brought too many exciting cake requests to turn down. Rather than posting them in individual posts, here’s some of them in one long, image-heavy post, starting with ice queen Elsa and her cheeky snowman Olaf. The most highly-requested design this month has to be anything Frozen. This was my first airbrushed cake and I had much fun!


A girlfriend’s little angel turned one month old.  Faith was born this year of the Horse, so the mum decided on a baby horse cake. You’ve got to love the name Faith, like when people ask things like do you have children, you get to proclaim, “Yes, I have FAITH!”


My favourite triplets turn FOUR this month! Last year, the cute little tykes were into Dora the Explorer (Alyssa), Thomas the Train (Bertrand) and Disney Princesses (Celeste). This year, they are older but adorable as ever. Sweet Alyssa is now into Brave, feline-loving Bertrand is into Fireman Sam and faithful ol’ Celeste still loves her princesses.


Each kid got his/her own mini cake, surrounded by matching themed cupcakes, even though they were all in the same class of 20 tots at pre-school. That’s like cake enough to feed 100 kids. ABC’s classmates must feel like they are at a cake buffet whenever the triplets have their birthdays. Nothing goes to waste though, their generous mummy shares the extra cakes with neighbours.


ABC are my favourite triplets, actually the ONLY triplets I know (ha!), because I think this mummy has done a stonkin’ job with them and she makes it look so easy! Each child has a different personality, but all are cheerful, fearless and sweet-tempered. I just know they will grow up to be fantastic people (and cat-molesters, just like me. Lol!). I will gladly bake for them till they are 90, but wait, that makes me like… 145??


I know April’s not ended yet, but I’m going to finish with this cake anyway. This is my 3rd airbrushed cake – can you believe I’ve done three cakes in just two weeks?! I love how the airbrushed effect give this Forever Friends bear that “toasty” look.



Speaking of April showers, the reason why I’ve not posted anything since Bangkok was that along with the showers, April has also brought me its fair share of joys, anticipations, fears and disappointments. There are some big changes going on with Out Of The Cake Box, and I’m not talking about the blog (though, this WP theme feels a tad dated, no?). Some days I receive news that make me want to throw off my shoes and dance; other days I tear out my hair and am tempted to throw in the towel. I’ve talked to people that made me go “Right, let’s do it!” to the ones that went “Really? What makes you think you can…”, and there were the ones that made me wonder why I even bothered in the first place. My plans have been lifted up, beaten back, thrown off track, shaken around and redirected. The only constant is that I haven’t stopped enjoying what I’m doing and for that, I’m thankful and constantly reassured that God will direct my path. So perhaps it is timely to remember April showers bring May blooms – everything is beautiful in His time. With that, I bake on.

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