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Did you know:

  • Pink was only used to refer to the colour as late as the 17th century? The colour was named after the flowering plants with frilly-edged petals called pinks, which were named for the verb “to pink” (as in pinking shears) which means “to decorate with a perforated or punched pattern” (referring to the petals). Before pink became pink, it was known only as “that rosy hue”.
  • Pink is one of the world’s least favourite colours, second only to brown? Only 2% favour pink, compared to blue, the favourite colour for a whopping 45% of us.
  • Contrary to the popular saying, “pink is for girls”, in 19th century England, pink was worn by small boys; boys were considered small men, and while men wore red uniforms, boys wore pink.
  • In Thailand, pink is associated with Tuesdays, so some Thais wear pink on Tuesdays; especially if they were born on a Tuesday, pink might be adopted as their “birth colour”. Thankfully, I was born on Wednesday, which makes me a green. Phew.

Warning: navigate away now if you are adverse to the colour pink, as you are about to be visually assaulted by a WHOLE LOT OF PINK.


Pink Winx Club Bloom Cake – Made this for my niece’s birthday weeks ago, but I’ve only had time now to upload the picture.

wpid-CYMERA_20140210_001141.jpg       wpid-IMG-20140209-WA0010.jpg  

Pink shabby chic ombre rosette tiered birthday cake with fondant bow and edible lace


Rose Macarons


Pink-frosted raspberry brownies


Pretty princess in pink! Not mine though, this sweet little tot belongs to the beautiful lady who requested the cake and other pink treats, and is also the culprit responsible for setting up the gorgeous pink candy buffet below.

wpid-IMG-20140209-WA0006.jpg        wpid-IMG-20140209-WA0009.jpgwpid-IMG-20140209-WA0005.jpg              wpid-IMG-20140209-WA0008.jpg   

Had enough, no? My eyes are smarting already.      

3 comments on “Pink

  1. radhika25
    February 23, 2014

    I love pink!
    *blush* did I say that aloud? And I’d have loved any or all of those pink treats.

    Loved your trivia about ‘pink’ as well.

    • danayong
      February 23, 2014

      Thanks Radhika! Hee… I have a love-hate relationship with pink. When we were kids, my twin always got to wear the pink outfit but I had to wear blue so my folks could tell us apart. But secretly, you know, I wished I got the pink… 🙂

      • radhika25
        February 24, 2014

        You have a twin!!! Does she makes cakes as well?

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