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The Craziest Week in 2013, yet

This is the craziest week in 2013, yet. Baked a beer mug birthday cake, a cute ruffles proposal cake, twelve family-sized apple pies for a charity bake sale and a bunch of pretty ivory cupcakes. In case you are wondering why the pictures are so dark, it’s because I snapped these in the wee hours of night (or morning).

You see, the past week (and the week before that, AND the week before the week before that) went pretty much like this: Wake up at 6am to get ready to commute 1.5 hours to my day job by 8.30am, knock off at 5.30am to commute 1.5 hours home again, pick up groceries on the way, make dinner for my husband (who is down with flu and fever), do the dishes and chores after, get down to baking by 9pm, wrap up past 1 am, shower and fall into bed in the wee hours and get up a while later at 6am to do it all over again the next day. Weekends are the same, except I wake up at 6am to bake and run deliveries. When that last cake went out the door yesterday, I sure could use a beer.

drunk abby

Here’s a beer cake instead, featuring Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street, created specially for a beer-loving Japanese fan. I may not be able to speak Dragonfly like Abby but I have not nearly forgotten how to write in Japanese from my schooling days.


tiara and ruffles

The next cake this week was for a surprise marriage proposal party. I loved how the tiara turned out, quite pretty. It was fun to make the ruffles, albeit laborious. I shall attempt more ruffle cakes in 2014. I’m pretty sure there were some matching ivory buttercream cupcakes around, topped with decadent flecks of 24K gold leaf. But I might have missed those pictures.

apple pie in oven


Apple pies are so festive! To enjoy an apple pie while giving to a good cause is the icing on the cake. I had all the enjoyment of making these apple pies for a children’s home bake sale this week. And did the ladies sell! Eight family-sized pies sold in under 2 hours. I hope the good souls who bought these pies enjoyed eating them as much as I did making them.

The craziest week in 2013 is finally over! Time to wind down and start baking for friends, family, neighbours and students. After all, the season IS about giving and feasting.

Maybe, I CAN get that beer after all.

2 comments on “The Craziest Week in 2013, yet

  1. lemongrovecakediaries
    December 17, 2013

    I loved the beer mug cake – very clever!

    • danayong
      December 17, 2013

      Thank you! Happy holidays! 🙂

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