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Bedhead Ariel and her Googly-eyed Friends

I’ve not baked for nearly 2 whole weeks. Started a new teaching assignment that takes me miles (and nearly ten hours, including commute) away from my kitchen every day, Monday to Friday. By the time I have battled the peak-hour public transport human crush to come home, I am too exhausted to lift a finger to cook dinner, much less bake.

Thankfully, the money is sweet and so are my little wards. Mostly. Except when they morph into little grammar nazis on bad days and make me want to rip the sodding Merriam-Webster dictionary out of their iPads and replace it with a very rude gesture.

Thank God for caking weekends! No matter how tired I feel during the week, I get so excited to bake I am up early on the weekend to squeeze in as much baking as possible.


This weekend I had a request for a mermaid cake. Here’s introducing Bedhead Ariel and her googly-eyed friends. Like her other Wilton sisters in the same pack, Ariel has terrible hair, quite possibly the worst of the lot. The brunette from two posts ago wasn’t half this bad.


Her googly-eyed friends, on the other hand, deserve a special mention. Those plastic-looking googly eyes are all HANDMADE and 100% EDIBLE.


The eyes are made from little gelatin capsules. I bought a 100 of these from a Chinese medicinal shop for a dollar. They come in assorted sizes, these are the small ones. Twisted apart, the halves make fantastic, realistic-looking googly eyes.


My mom used to fill these capsules with finely ground traditional Chinese medicinal herbs like ginseng root and feed them to us during our exam preparation when we were younger, because there was no other way she could make us eat the vile-tasting powders. The capsules dissolve after they are swallowed, making them completely safe to eat. Nonetheless, they still pose a choking hazard to very young children, and so care should be taken if you plan to make these for children’s cakes.  

2 comments on “Bedhead Ariel and her Googly-eyed Friends

  1. Ada ~ More Food, Please
    November 24, 2013

    It is definitely hard to cook or bake after a 10 hour work day! Thank goodness there’s weekends (wish they would last longer though). Your cake looks amazing! 😀

    • danayong
      November 24, 2013

      Thanks! My husband is very happy though, because now he gets to cook and he’s loving it. 🙂

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