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Count your lucky stars (and stripes)

Decided to take a break from blogging about cronuts, delicious as they were. I know I’d promised the third instalment of filling and glazing cronuts but by the time I’d gotten around to filling them, the sun had gone down and all my pictures were dull and ugly, as was my mood. Hence, I’m posting about these stars and stripes cupcakes I baked today instead.

These were requested by some folks who were putting on a play at the Laselle College For The Arts, something about angels in America? Hence, the stars and stripes.

The first design was a multi-colored buttercream swirl. Took me a while to figure out how to get three colors of buttercream evenly into one piping bag.


The second design was more straightforward – it involves buttercream smooshed it into a bowl of blue sanding sugar and cute red fondant star cutouts. This turned out more Captain America  to me though.


On a side note, I’ve been feeling rather blase lately. Not about baking, because I can still churn out pretty decent stuff even when I’m feeling crappy.

I’m feeling blase (and blah) about life in general.

Maybe it’s because our 16-year-old family dog Sunday was euthanised this week and I wonder if he knew I loved him very much before he left.

Or maybe it’s because I have a written assignment to hand in this week about the local baking industry and I really don’t want to read up about who Gardenia’s main competitors in Singapore are. Not right now.

Perhaps, it was because recently some old friends from my past got into scraps with the law and are making headlines in the worst possible ways. I grew up as a teenager knowing them and when I read those awful comments and judgments that people pass hidden behind the anonymity of the Internet, I’m ashamed of how quick my fellow Singaporeans are at demonizing those who have fallen. I mean, God forbid one day should you fall, karma’s a bitch.

Just when I was about to throw myself a pity party, I opened my WordPress reader and one of the blogs My Meals are on Wheels I started following recently had posted a couple of new recipes. Buffalo Wellington? Sounds exciting. I clicked on the link and right at the top of the page was a subheader I’d never noticed before – Life and cooking from a… WHEELCHAIR??? Hang on….

It turned out, all along, this blog I’d superficially and stupidly thought was about fast recipes (you know, the wheels thing kinda got my head wrapped around speed), really was written by a cancer survivor. Someone who had survived cancer TWICE and lost a leg in the fight. Somebody for whom every visit to the doctor for a routine checkup puts him on tenterhooks until the report comes in. For more than a decade! A fighter that writes candidly about the good, the bad and the ugly of his fight. And about life and cooking from a wheelchair.

This is somebody from whom I could really learn a thing or two about PERSPECTIVE.

Seriously I should just grumble less and bake more.

3 comments on “Count your lucky stars (and stripes)

  1. Heidie Makes
    September 24, 2013

    really cool!

    • danayong
      September 24, 2013

      Thanks Heidie! Cool blog you have there. 🙂

      • Heidie Makes
        September 24, 2013

        thank you 🙂

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