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My Unoffical Sugarcraft Misdemeanors

The only formal training I had in sugarcraft was a 3-week module at the baking school, of which I spent a week rolling dead dough and piping royal icing, and then went MIA the rest of the time to celebrate our second wedding anniversary. By the time I’d returned to class, everyone else had completed their wedding cake assignments in class and I’d not even started on my design!

Armed with whatever little knowledge I had gleaned from my short stint in class, and too stubborn to ask for help or more time, I decided I could complete this on my own. So began my month-long lonely foray into the mysterious world of sugarcraft. I plodded slowly with little intervention or instruction, two nights a week after gruelling eight-hour days, huddled in a little nook at the back of the kitchen, to complete a decent wedding cake display.

At this point in time, I had essentially only learned 3 things , 1) how to mix up a batch of royal icing, 2) how to pipe royal icing roses and 3) how to make an open rose out of sugarpaste.

Alright, not quite enough to make that huge, impressive stunner of a wedding cake I had in mind.

Nonetheless, I pressed on in the best way I knew how.

Ta-da! Presenting my Wedgwood-inspired wedding cake.


So I chucked my grand plans out the window and went for something quite manageable and pretty.

So it didn’t knock anyone’s socks off.

So it’s not awfully fashionable. Plus it earned a rather snide comment from a fellow schoolmate, “Oh, the style is rather… EUROPEAN, isn’t it?”

I hoped she was referring to the, ahem, classical style.

So? Ah well, you can’t please everyone and boy, was I glad when this was finally over and done with. And at least I could proudly say, I did it MY way.


I haven’t quite mastered any other sugar flowers yet, even though I can make a mean Power Rangers figurine out of the stuff with my eyes closed. Closed roses, orchids, lilies are all yet out of my reach. Time to save up more money to take those master sugarcraft lessons I’ve been drooling over.

For now, it’s just large open roses on most of my cakes involving flowers. Like this vintage rose birthday cake and the ribbon bow present cake below that I made for two of my lovely friends.


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