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Tulip Ham Birthday Cake

School is finally out! After slogging for close to six months, I’m one last tiny module away from graduating with my diploma. Been almost a month since my last post – one entire gruelling pre-graduation month in school with endless projects, exams and sleepless nights. It’s time to catch my breath, spend time with loved ones, play, bake and write. Some fun is highly deserved. Hence, this don’t-take-myself-too-seriously cake.



Tulip Ham is like Spam in my part of the world; basically, tinned luncheon ham. Why anybody would eat ham (processed, high-sodium, mechanically reclaimed “meat”) confuses me. Why anybody would eat ham in a TIN evades me entirely. However, the birthday gentleman is a big fan of Tulip Ham, and if he’s celebrating his 72nd birthday in the relatively pink of health today, maybe there’s something in there I don’t know about….

Obviously, I’m a fan of foods that look like other foods. Especially cake. I could spend hours in amazement over those trending pictures on Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumbleupon. Like, I can’t believe it’s CAKE.


This cake looks more complex than it really was to put together. First, I printed and cut out a picture of Tulip Ham on a bit of recycled cardstock to make our template.


Using the template and various cutters, the top of the cake was assembled in fondant and left to dry on a metal cake board overnight.


The next day, the details on the top were added in royal icing (with a Wilton No. 1 writing tip) and black edible marker.  The top was then placed onto the cake, which was a rich chocolate brownie cake filled with salted caramel buttercream and crumb-coated with dark chocolate ganache. To cover the sides, I cut a long rectangle of white fondant and wrapped it around the sides of the cake.


Lastly, the cake was finished off with a long, thin sausage of grey fondant to conceal the seams, resembling the metallic edge of the tin, and details on the sides were added.

There you go, don’t take yourselves too seriously.

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