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B.F.G. cupcake recipe


B.F.G. stands for Big Friendly Giant Cupcake. It’s big, giant really, 25 times regular cupcakes, according to package directions. What’s so friendly about it? It’s diabetic and dieter friendly!

The “cupcake liner” is made from low-sugar dark couverture chocolate I found at Aalst, a chocolate factory in the faraway land of Tuas. To those unfamiliar with Singapore, anywhere on the island to which the MRT can’t take me directly may as well in a different country altogether. Thankfully, I hitched a ride from an adventurous baking school classmate and two of us forayed into Neverland one hot afternoon in search of high-quality, locally produced chocolate at wholesale prices. Okay, it’s not so cheap that you want to grate it into your morning cereal. It is COUVERTURE after all. The quality, however, does make the long drive into the industrial jungle quite worthwhile. All the free-flow chocolate samples helped too.

The giant chocolate “liner” is then filled with circles of vanilla sponge.  The sponge recipe is worth a mention. It’s very low-fat, low-sugar and high-protein. The bulk of the sponge is eggs. Half the sugar has been substituted by stevia, and it uses a tiny amount of olive oil.

  • 250g eggs
  • 40g fine castor sugar (I used vanilla sugar)
  • 50g water
  • 12g sponge gel
  • 100g all-purpose flour, sifted
  • 12g Equal stevia (about 8.5 sachets)
  • 20g light olive oil (of any light vegetable oil)

Whisk the eggs, sugar, water, sponge gel and flour at high speed for 5-6 minutes until batter leaves a thick trail on surface. Lightly fold in stevia and oil. Pour into greased and lined sheet pan. Bake at 180 degrees Celcius for 15 mins. Remove from pan immediately and cool on a rack.

Since sugar helps to trap air, substituting the sugar with stevia may compromise the volume of the batter. Hence, adding some sponge gel is necessary to strengthen the egg proteins, in order to trap more air. An alternative to adding sponge gel may be to whisk the mixture over a bain-marie instead.

The high amount of eggs in this recipe made for a very soft and light sponge, a perfect carrier for the sugar-free Chantilly cream that went in between each layer and over the top of the cupcake.

Stevia is naturally anti-microbial, so the shelf-life of the sponge (without fillings) should be extended, though I haven’t tested this theory yet. Shall leave that for another weekend. In addition, stevia does not contribute to crust colour, so I ended up with a pale sponge, but it was going to be hidden anyway, so that’s just fine by me.

Since it’s a diabetic-friendly cake, I topped it with diabetic-friendly fruits – any kind of fresh berries, kiwis, stone fruits such as peaches (fresh, not canned), starfruit, guava, apples, Indian gooseberries, pineapple… will work beautifully on this B.F.G. cupcake.

So if someone you love deserves a beautiful celebratory cake but need to watch their calories/blood sugar levels, feel free to use this recipe and the ideas in the post. And share pictures in comments if you do please! 🙂

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