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Noah’s Tub

One of my oldest and sweetest friends, Noah, had a birthday last month. My initial idea was a Noah’s Ark. Then I realised my ark-building skills weren’t that hot, so I changed that idea to a tub instead, using Kit Kats bars. These were the new orange flavoured ones that were quite citrusy so I made an orange sponge to go with a passionfruit buttercream, dirty-iced the whole cake and then stuck on the Kit Kats while the icing was still wet.

The idea was inspired by this book I found in MPH bookstore in City Square, JB, on one of our vintage junk digging trips with hubby. Lots of fun ideas for sugarpaste cakes and figurines at a modest price tag.


I cut out a 5″ “plaque” of blue sugarpaste for the bath water and worked everything else around that. But when I laid the plaque onto the cake, I discovered to my horror that it was too small. I’d forgotten to take into the account the extra width caused by the buttercream.

Ah well, I took a deep breath and rolled a long sausage of blue sugar paste that I used to line the edge of the plaque to cover up the exposed buttercream. All was not lost yet.


The shampoo and conditioner bottles, tube and towel were fun to make. If I had made a bigger cake, I would have made more of these in different colours and shapes and lined them up against the side of the tub to spell ‘happy birthday’.


(I hope I’ve got the age right, gulp.)

On a side note, hubby came into the kitchen while I was packing the cake this morning and made a dirty quip that I should have put the rubber ducky nearer his, ahem, gonads.

Ha-ha. Okay, maybe next time.


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