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Butter me up!


When I asked my mother-in-law what kind of cake she would like for her 72nd birthday, she answered very briefly with “a simple butter cake”.  I racked my brains to think of a way to dress up a “simple butter cake” as a birthday cake and still get a laugh out of her. Credit goes to hubby for this idea. He thought of a cake dressed to look like a slab of butter, while I took it one step further and made it, what else, SCS butter of course.

SCS is the butter of my childhood. It is a reminder of all things good and luxurious. This was such a treat that when I was little, our dad used to cut a very cold block of the stuff into slices, dust them with granulated sugar, pick one up with a cocktail stick and dole it out. We was hooked on that stuff, the cold salty creamy butter, the sweet crunchy sugar; as kids, we never knew food to be sinfully good. It was all good.

As I grew older, butter featured less and less in our household. Its calorific-ness and those scary images of all kinds of nasty diseases associated with fat meant that butter became something of a bad word. So this cake brought back all kinds of nostalgia.

Construction-wise, this was a no-brainer. It was a low-ratio pound cake recipe baked into two 8-inch square sheet cakes, sliced in half to make 4 rectangles, 3 of which were stacked on top of each other with a thin layer of apricot jam, since my MIL hates cream.

Then a thin layer of jam was applied all over to seal in the crumbs before covering in white fondant. Decided it wasn’t necessary to get it all smoothed over or sharpen the edges, since real butter blocks are often not perfect either.

Prior to this, I had removed the wrapper of a 250g stick of SCS butter, wiped it clean, blown it up on my scanner and sent the image to Bake-It-Yourself to print on an A4 edible icing sheet. I send all my edible icing images there for printing, the service is very reliable and fast (though the place can be a pain to get to from my home). All I have to do is remove the image from its plastic covering, brush some vodka (you can used water too) sparingly on the cake and affix the image in place.

The cake got a good laugh out of everybody, even the restaurant staff who delivered the cake to our table after dinner.

Here’s a picture to show you the size of the butter. On hindsight, I wished I had put it next to a REAL stick of SCS butter to show you just how big it was.


One comment on “Butter me up!

  1. radhika25
    January 7, 2014

    This is brilliant! Your mom-in-law must have loved it!

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